Name : 15:1 Air-Powered Middle Pressure Paint Pump
Model : APP-1514
  • Uses in middle presses air mix spray and the solvent or paints convey, provides the spray coating use, is the more current capacity, can support to 2-4 guns use.


  • Wooden of work piece sealer and top coat. Ex: Tabletop.
  • For Paint central circulatory system use.
  • For higher atomization the painting condition use.
15:1 Air-Powered Middle Pressure Paint Pump Specifications
Pressure Ratio 15 :1
Max. Continuous Flow 3.3 GPM
Volume/Cycle 240 CC
Air Motor Diameter 152.4 mm
Air Inlet Pressure Range 40-90 psi
Max Fluid Pressure 1350psi
Air Inlet Size 3/4" pt(f)
Fluid Inlet Size 1" pt(m)
Fluid Outlet Size 3/4" pt(m)
Wetted Parts Stainless Steel、Teflon
Altemate throat Packing Teflon
Piston Packing Teflon
Weight 94 kg
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