Name : 25:1 Piston Air Powered Middle
Model : APP-2504
  • Light weight design,easy to move.
  • The design of one pump collocate with a spray gun,is aimed for save more cost.
  • This machine can match the high pressure airless spray gun and middle presses air mix spray gun,can offer more choice for customer.
  • To use water paint, have to choose APP-2504-S pump under the connect of fluid material is SUS304#, the standard model is anti-rust material.


  • Wooden of work piece sealer and top coat. Ex: Tabletop.
  • For higher atomization the painting condition use.
  • For steel construction industry, sound-insulated and firewall painting.
  • For outside of container painting.
25:1 Piston Air Powered Middle Specifications
Pressure Ratio 25 :1
Max. Output Flow 4 lpm
Cycle Output Flow 72 c.c.m
Air Motor Pressure Range 20~100 psi
Air Motor Diameter ø85mm
Packing Material Teflon/U.P.E
Air Inlet Size 1/8"ps
Fluid Outlet Size 1/2"ps
Fluid Inlet Size 1/2"ps
Temperature Range 40~212˚F(4.4~70°C)
Noise Value 60 db(A)
Pump Size D120mm x L600mm
Net Weight 20kg
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