Name : Automatic Electrostatic Dust Gun
Model : EDC-75-AT
  • Lightweight: The gun body is made of POM material, is lighter than the     metal, easy to operate
  • High safety: It is a POM gun body with good insulation and more safety.
  • Big air flow:Auxiliary air holes adopt bevel angle to increase air flow.

Electrostatic H.V

Electrostatic H.V Specifications
Type EDC-75-AT
Power Consumption 50 W
Output Voltage 0-9 KV
Frequency 50 / 60 HZ
Air Pressure 2-5 kg/cm²
Gun Size L200 x 50 m/m
Gun Weight 1180g
Electrostatic H.V Size L185 x W215 x H 160 m/m
Electrostatic H.V Weight 0.72 kgs
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