Name : Air Auto Spray Gun
Model : WS-03
  • Ease of operation, Services easily.
  • Suits the production line use.
  • The painting condition hypothesis is simple.
  • The structure is simple, cleans fast.


For the wooden furniture 、 metal 、 plastics 、 leather liquid coating Can use in the color paint, sealer 、 top coat spray

Air Auto Spray Specifications
Body  WS-03
Fluid Supply Type P = Pressure
Bore of Nozzle(mm) 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.1 / 1.4 / 1.8 
Air Cap 
E-type(Silver): Uses in the big width breadth. Can use to paint cup or pum. The atomizing effect is worse. Suitable for sealer painting.

M-type(Blue): The width breadth is smaller. can for paint cup or pump. The atomizing effect is good.

N-type(stainless color): Only use to the paint pressure (as pump or paint tank).its atomizing effect surpasses M-TYPE.
Air Inlet Size 1/4"PS(m)
Paint Inlet Size 1/4"PS(m)
Paint Pressure 4 kg/cm²
Spray Flow 1 ~ 400 cc/min
Max Air Pressure 7 kg/cm²
Adj. Width Breadth 50 ~ 300 mm
Atomizing Pressure 2~4 kg/cm²
Air Consumption 80 ~ 350 L/min
Material of Gun Aluminum/Copper
Material of Nozzle & Tip SUS304
Temperature Range 5 - 80 °C
Net Weight 430g
Gun size L136 * W32mm
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