Name : Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun
Model : ESA-15
Product Introduction
Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun Specifications:
H.V output adjust DC-70 KV MAX
Max. spray flow 500ml/min
 Used air pressure 2-5 kg / cm²
Gun length 330 mm (含3-way)
Gun net weight 1.7 kg (含3-way)


  • Pressure control design and paint for external control type, frame set on the machine, you can make adjustments to the machine directly to the outside, more convenient and fast.
  • Gun itself has no firing pin design, the 3-Way do paint into and out and return control, more precise control of fluid output. 3-Way firing pin using SUS and SLD materials, increased service life.
  • Gun body integrally formed plastic, insulation effect is relatively improved, better safety.
  • Volume reduction, reducing robot or automated equipment operation carried weight.
  • Increase the output of high electrostatic voltage to -70KV could save the paints and achieve the purpose of coating automatically.
  • Easy clean design, not only raise the safety but also convenient Maintenance and clean.
  • High voltage generator can adjust electric current to suit different kinds of paint.
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