Name : Portable middle pressure air mix spray gun
Model : HAM-2000N
  • Save the massive coatings cost,compared to the normal air spray gun can save the about 40% coating quantity.
  • Saving the spray time also can be achieved fast spraying effect.
  • Atomized well,to improve the shortcoming of high pressure airless type spray gun atomize,has fast and high efficiency merit.


  • Wooden furniture sealer and top coat
  • Mechanical plate work painting
  • Strip shape painting
  • Frame painting
  • Thick painting spraying
Portable Middle Pressure Assistant Air Spray Gun Specifications

Nozzle choice way:

A   B
A = Spray breadth
B = Nozzle bore
117=10˚ Nozzle bore:0.17m/m
213=20˚ Nozzle bore:0.13m/m
315=30˚ Nozzle bore:0.15m/m
407=40˚ Nozzle bore:0.07m/m
Paint Inlet Size 1/4"ps(m)
Air Inlet Size 1/4"ps(m)
Max Air Pressure 5.5bar
Max Paint Pressure 140bar
Atomize Assisted Air Pressure 0~4bar
Connect of fluid Material 304#stainless. Teflon
Net Weight 592g
Temperture Range 4.4~70°C
Filter 60# 、 80# 、 100# 、 150# 、 200#
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